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Account Settings

How to manage your Durable account, including subscriptions and billing.

Cancel your subscription

We're sorry to see you go! You can cancel your subscription from your Durable account:. 1. After logging in to your Durable account, click the business you want to cancel your subscription. 2. Click "Business" on the bottom left. 3. Click the "Manage

Use Durable outside the US and Canada

Sign up for a free trial

You can sign up for a free account at Durable.com. You will get a 30-day trial of Durable's features before payment is required. You must subscribe to a plan before you can publish a website, get a custom domain via Durable, or connect an existing do

Pricing plans for Durable websites

Durable has 2 Website AI design plans:. Starter - $15/month ($12/mo if billed annually). Features included in this plan:. Custom domain name. Chat onboarding. Email support. Unlimited storage. 50 contacts. 50 AI Generated promotions. Website hosting.

Declined subscription payments

We have a 15-day grace period before you lose access to your site. You can still access your website and your website backend during this period. After this period, you cannot access your account past that point until payment is processed. If you nee

Forgot my password

When you signed up for a Durable account, did you use the "Sign in with Google" option?. If so, you will need to use that option. If you still have trouble logging in, you can click the "forgot password" button > type in the same email address, and y

Access after cancellation

When you cancel your account, your website access will be restricted based on the following:. Canceled Immediately & Received Partial Refund - You lose access to site immediately. Cancelled at End of Billing Cycle - You will retain access to the site

Create a multi-user login

We're happy to announce that we now offer the ability to have a Multi-User Login!. To enable this feature, you first need to select which business you'd like the user to have access. From here, you'll click on the 3 little dots:. You will then see th

Upgrade subscription plans

The subscription is tied to the business, not your account; therefore, the subscription cost will be charged per website you publish (except for the Pro Plan).

Delete my Durable account

You can delete your account entirely. A friendly reminder that once you delete your account, your website(s) will also be deleted and unable to recover. Please proceed with caution. If you want to delete your account entirely, you can follow the step

Update my subscription billing information

To update billing information,. 1. After logging in to your Durable account, click the business you want to update your billing information. 2. Click "Business" on the bottom left. 3. Click the "Manage" tab on the top. 4. Click "Manage Plan," and you